Consolidated Air Application

This form may be used for any type of air permitting action, including both construction and operation. This form now has the sections of the application as separate Word or Excel documents. All applicable and/or required sections should be completed and submitted with each air permitting action. The previous forms – the Construction and State Operating form and the Title V Operating form – may be used through December 31, 2013. Applications submitted after December 31, 2013, should be submitted on the new forms. If you have questions, comments, or suggestions regarding the new form, please contact Philip Morris at 601-961-5561 or


January 24, 2014: Effective January 1, 2014, EPA has made changes to the Global Warming Potentials (GWPs) in Table A-1 to 40 CFR Part 98. The changes affect two of the more common GHGs – methane and nitrous oxide, in addition to some of the HFCs and PFCs. The GWP factor for methane was increased from 21 to 25 and the factor for nitrous oxide was decreased from 310 to 298. The GWPs are used to calculate total CO2e for a facility. Updates to Section B.4 of the application were made to address these changes.

January 29, 2014: Formatting changes were made to Section N of the application to allow for more space for the information requested. These changes should also make it easier to carry information over to more than one page. Note that no new information is requested as a result of these changes.

Air Application Form 5 Instruction
Table of Contents
Section A Facility Information
Section B Facility-wide Emissions Information
Section C External Combustion Sources
Section D Internal Combustion Engines
Section E Manufacturing Process
Section F Coating Solvent Usage or Degreasing
Section G Printing Operations
Section H Tank Summary
Section I Incinerators
Section J Solid Waste Disposal
Section K Asphalt Plants
Section L1 Baghouse or Fabric Filters
Section L2 Cyclones
Section L3 Adsorption
Section L4 Oxidation Systems
Section L5 Scrubbers
Section L6 Electrostatic Precipitators
Section L7 Other Control Devices
Section M1 Compliance Assurance Monitoring
Section M2 Continuous Emissions Monitoring System
Section M3 Portable Monitoring System
Section M4 Predictive or Parametric Monitoring
Section M5 Maintenance Monitoring
Section M6 Stack Testing
Section M7 Fuel Sampling and Analysis
Section M8 Recordkeeping
Section M9 Other Monitoring Approach
Section M10 Request for No Monitoring or Reduced Monitoring
Section N Applicable Requirements and Status
Appendix A Insignificant Activities
Appendix B Synthetic Minor Addendum
Appendix C Air Quality Analysis Checklist