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Mississippi Geology – Volume 7, Number 3

Gravel Aggregate in Mississippi - Its Origin and Distribution - Ernest E. Russell (Page 1)
Late Neogene Stratigraphic Problems in Coastal Mississippi and Alabama - Ervin G. Otvos (Page 8)
A History and Methodology of Waste Disposal Site Evaluations by the Mississippi Bureau of Geology - Michael C. Seal (Page 13)

Mississippi Geology – Volume 6, Number 4

Investigations of Ground-Water Contamination in a Shallow Aquifer at Benton, Mississippi - Micheal C. Seal (Page 1)
Bureau Director Alvin R. Bicker, Jr. Retires (Page 5)
The Bony Fishes (Teleosts) of the Tuscahoma and Bashi Formations, Early Eocene, Meridian, Lauderdale County, Mississippi - Gerard A. Case (Page 6)
Pteropods (Mollusca: Gastropoda) from the Upper Yazoo Formation (Eocene) at Cynthia, Mississippi- David T. Dockery Ill and Gary S. Zumwalt (Page 9)

Mississippi Geology – Volume 6, Number 3

Excavation of an Archaeocete Whale, Basilosaurus cetoides (Owen) from Madison, Mississippi - David T. Dockery Ill and John E. Johnston (Page 1)
Cretaceous Chalks - A Recommended Symposium - Frederic F. Mellen (Page 11)
Necrology: Richard Randall Priddy August 31, 1906- April 12, 1986 (Page 15)

Mississippi Geology – Volume 6, Number 2

Preliminary Report of a Metamynodon Skull from the Byram Formation (Lower Oligocene) in Mississippi - Earl Manning, David T. Dockery III, and Judith A. Schiebout (Page 1)
Record December Flow of Mississippi River (Page 16)
Palstrat: a Biostratigraphic Computer Program for Paleocene and Eocene Mollusks - David T. Dockery III (Page 18)

Mississippi Geology – Volume 5, Number 4

Tar Pods from the Yazoo Clay (Upper Eocene) at Cynthia, Mississippi - David T. Dockery III (Page 1)
Paleoecology of some Classic Tertiary Localities in the Aquitaine and Paris Basins of France - Cyrille Dolin and Pierre Lozouet (Page 4)
Abstract: New Bureau of Geology Publication: Mineral Producers Directory, 1985 (Page 15)
Abstract: New Bureau of Geology Publication: Electrical Logs of Water Wells and Test Holes on File at the Bureau of Geology - Supplement (Page 15)

Mississippi Geology – Volume 18, Number 3

The Jackson Volcano - David T. Dockery III, John C. Marble, and Jack Henderson (Page 33(1))
A History of the Mississippi Geologic Registration Law - Rick L. Ericksen, (Page 46 (14))
The Science of "EXTINCT" and "MEG": Two Books, Two Southern Writers, One Idea - David T. Dockery III. (Page 53(21))
New Publication Available from the Mississippi Office of Geology: Surface Mining Permits Open-File Report 65 (Page 55(23))