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Mississippi Geology – Volume 3, Number 4

Source of the Volcanic Precursor to Upper Mississippi Cretaceous Bentonite in Monroe County, Mississippi - Robert K. Merril (Page 1)
Recent Acquisitions, Bureau of Geology Library - Carolyn Woodley (Page 7)
The Northeast Mississippi Earthquakes of 29 January and 5 February, 1983 - Ann G. Metzger (Page 8 )

Mississippi Geology – Volume 2, Number 3

A New Species of the Turtle Barnacle Chelonibia Leach, 1817, (Cirripedia, Thoracica) from the Oligocene Mint Spring and Byram Formations of Mississippi - Victor A. Zullo (Page 1)
Lesueur's Walnut Hills Fossil Shells - David T. Dockery III (Page 7)
Highlights of 1981 Oil and Gas Exploration in Mississippi - Dora M. Devery (Page 14)

Mississippi Geology – Volume 2, Number 2

Fossil Wood from Thompson Creek, Yazoo County, Mississippi - Will H. Blackwell and George H. Dukes (Page 1)
Geohydrology of the Local Aquifer, Tatum Dome - W. Howard Johnson and Danny W. Harrelson (Page 7)
Sphaerocypraea jacksonensis (Johnson) from the Moodys Branch Formation (Eocene), Mississippi - Luc Dolin and Cyrille Dolin (Page 17)

Mississippi Geology – Volume 2, Number 1

Mississippi Lignite - Energy for the Future - Charles Estes (Page 1)
The Lobster Linuparus Preserved as an Attachment Scar on the Oyster Exogyra costata, Ripley Formation (Late Cretaceous), Union County, Mississippi - Gale A. Bishop (Page 2)
Macrofossil Assemblages of the Moodys Branch Formation (Upper Eocene), Louisana and Mississippi - Susan R. Elder and Thor A. Hansen (Page 6)

Mississippi Geology – Volume 1, Number 4

Hosston and Sligo Formations in South Mississippi - Dora M. Devery (Page 1)
Earthquakes in Mississippi - Micheal B.E. Bograd (Page 4)
Upper Eocene Carcharodons in Mississippi - David T. Dockery III (Page 6)
Igneous Rocks of the Jackson Dome, Hinds-Rankin Counties, Mississippi - Danny W. Harrelson (Page 7)
Report on the Annual Meeting of the Geological Society of America Southeastern Section - Daniel A. Sundeen (Page 16 - Held on the campus of The University of Southern Mississippi)
Compilation of Producing Formations in Mississippi - Dora Devery (Page 19)

Mississippi Geology – Volume 1, Number 2

Archaeocetes: Whale-Like Mammals from the Eocene of Mississippi - Michael K. Frazier (Page 1)
Mississippi Surface Mining and Reclamation - A Working Example - Chuck Estes (Page 4)
The Lower Tuscaloosa of Southern Mississippi - Dora M. Devery (Page 6)
Selected References on the Smackover Formation - Anne Bellomy (Page 8)
Abstract: Bulletin 121: Clarke County Geology and Mineral Resources - William A. Gilliland (Page 9)
Abstract: Bulletin 121: Water Resources of Clarke County, Mississippi - Danny W. Harrelson (Page 9)
Abstract: Bulletin 122: The Invertebrate Macropaleontology of the Clarke County, Mississippi, Area - David T. Dockery III (Page 10)
1850- 1980- Geology Celebrates 130 Years of Service to Mississippi (Page 11)

Mississippi Geology – Volume 1, Number 3

Selected References on the Southern Appalachians; Alabama and Tennesse - Anne Bellomy (Page 1)
Minerals in Mississippi - Bryant Mather (Page 4)
Report on the Research Conference on the Geology of the Woodbine and Tuscaloosa Formations - Ernest E. Russell (Page 12)
New Occurrences of Molluscan Species in the Moodys Branch Formation at Jackson, Mississippi - John E. Robinson & David T. Dockery III (Page 13)

Mississippi Geology – Volume 1, Number 1

Coal Resources of the Pennsylvanian Pottsville Formation in Northeastern Mississippi - R.J. Tarbutton (Page 1)
Color Patterns of Some Eocene Molluscs - David T. Dockery III (Page 3)
The Bureau of Geology's Electrical Logging Program - Danny W. Harrelson, William D. Easom, & Willis H. Johnson (Page 8)