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OF-293 North-South Structural Cross-Sections Through the Mississippi River Alluvial Plain of Northwestern Mississippi

Three north-south cross-sections through the Mississippi River Alluvial Plain of Northwestern Mississippi and the accompanying report published by the Office of Geology in cooperation with the Office of Land and Water Resources. Includes subsurface information regarding DeSoto, Tunica, Quitman, Coahoma, Sunflower, Humphreys, Sharkey, Issaquena, and Warren Counties. Additional information can be found in OF-305 Effects of Geologic Structure on Tertiary Formations of Northwestern Mississippi.

OF-285 Surface Geology of Jackson County, Mississippi

The purpose of this study and present report is to update the geologic map of Jackson County to reflect the earlier findings of Marble, et al and Stewart, et al and to provide a better understanding of the relationship between the surface geology and shallow sub-surface geology. This work aided the study of ground water resources in Jackson County, and a companion report has been published on this subject Ground Water Resources of Jackson County, Open File Report 286.