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OF-292 Mississippi Digital Earth Model (MDEM), Definition and Standards

The purpose of this Open-File Report No. 292 is to compile into one easily accessible document, the original 2003 legislation which created the Mississippi Coordinating Council for Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems, and the documents that in 2004 laid out the "Definition and Standards" for the Mississippi Digitial earth Model (MDEM). The "Standards" were adopted by the Council in December, 2004.

Mississippi Geology – Volume 14, Number 3

Use of Geophysical Well Logs to Determine Loess Thicknesses and Correlate Loesses and Geosols in the Memphis, Tennesse - Northern Missippi Area - William S. Parks (Page 41(1))
Mississippi's Shallow Salt Domes - Stan Thieling (Page 47 (7))
The Mississippi Mineral Resources Institute - Twenty Years of Service to Mississippi (1972-1992) - Charles T. Swann (Page 52 (12))
Review of "Oil in the Deep South" - Michael B. E. Bograd (Page 56 (16))

Mississippi Geology – Volume 14, Number 1

40Ar-39Ar Ages of Bentonite Beds in the Upper Part of the Yazoo Formation (Upper Eocene), West-Central Mississippi - John D. Obradovich, David T. Dockery III, and Carl C. Swisher Ill (Page 1)
Wetherellia Fruits and Associated Fossil Plant Remains from the Paleocene/Eocene Tuscahoma-Hatcetigbee Interval, Meridian, Mississippi -Victor B. Call, Steven R. Manchester, and David L. Dilcher (Page 10)

Mississippi Geology – Volume 13, Number 4

The 50th Issue of Mississippi Geology - Michael B. E. Bograd (Page 57 (1))
Mississippi Earthquake Epicenters - Michael B. E. Bograd (Page 58 (2))
Four Levels of Terrace Deposits and Remnants of High-Level Fluvial Deposits in The Hatchie River Valley, Hebron Area, Hardeman County, Tennesse - William S. Parks (Page 63 (7))
A Core Hole Drilled to Evaluate the Pennsylvanian Coalbed Methane Potential in Clay County, Mississippi - Rick L. Erickson (Page 71 (15))

Mississippi Geology – Volume 13, Number 3

Indian Artifacts of Tallahatta Quartzite from Tallahatta Creek Site 22-LD-645, East-Central Mississippi - Samuel McGahey and David T. Dockery III (Page 37 (1))
The Geology of Thanksgiving Field - Sandra Dowty and Jack Moody (Page 44 (8))
On the Occurrence of the Trace Fossil Gastrochaenolites and Its Causative Bivalve in the Tallahatta Formation (Eocene) of East-Central Mississippi - Christopher P. Dewey and Donald M. Keady (Page 49 (13))

Mississippi Geology – Volume 13, Number 2

West Raymond Field - Jack Warner and Jack S. Moody (Page 13(1))
Jackson Ready Mix Miss-Lite Plant and Clay Pit to Close after 34 Years of Operation - David T. Dockery III (Page 22(10))
Selected Bibliography on the Occurrences of Hydrocarbon in Igneous and Metamorphic Rocks - Danny W. Harrelson (Page 23(11))
A Turritelline Gastropod-Dominated Bed in the Byram Formation of Mississippi - Warren D. Allmon and David T. Dockery III (Page 29(17))

Mississippi Geology – Volume 13, Number 1

Geologic Mapping - A National Issue - Donald C. Haney (Page 1)
The Role of the Mississippi Office of Geology in Mineral Resources and Development - Michael B. E. Bograd (Page 4)
Cretaceous Water-Rock Reactions at The Jackson Dome, Mississippi: Geochemical Modeling with the Computer Program SOLMINEQ.88 - James A. Saunders (Page 6)

Mississippi Geology – Volume 12, Numbers 3 and 4

A Continuous Core Through the Undifferentiated Yazoo Clay (Late Eocene, Jackson Group) of Central Mississippi - David T. Dockery ill, Curtis W. Stover, Phillip Weathersby,
C. Wayne Stover Jr., and Stephen L. lngram (Page 21 (1))
Cypraedia (Eucypraedia) Multicarinata (Dall, 1890); A Late Eocene Ovulidae from Florida, Mississippi, Colombia, and Peru: Studies on Paleogene Cypraeoidea (Mollusca: Gastropoda) from the Gulf Coast Basin - Ill - Luc Dolin(Page 28 (8))
Seismic Stratigraphic Confirmation of a Buried Late Proterozoic Terrane, Sunflower County, Mississippi - James L. Coleman, Jr. (Page 32 (12))