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Mississippi Geology – Volume 5, Number 3

Residual Color Patterns in Mollusks from the Gosport Sand (Eocene), Alabama - Charles T. Swann and Patricia H. Kelly (Page 1)
Calcareous Nannoplankton Biostratigraphy of Selected Tertiary Localities in the Paris, Adour, and Bearn Basins of France and Their Correlation with the North American Gulf Coast Tertiary Sequence - William G. Siesser and David T. Dockery III (Page 9)

Mississippi Geology – Volume 5, Number 2

Crisis Events for Paleogene Molluscan Faunas in the Southeastern United States - David T. Dockery III (Page 1)
Botryoidal Geothite from the Citronelle Formation (Pliocene-Pleistocene) in Lincoln County, Mississippi - David T. Dockery III and Delbert E. Gann (Page 8)
Lower Devonian (Helderbergian) Trilobites from the Ross Limestone in Mississippi - David T. Dockery III and Robert K. Merrill (Page 11)

Mississippi Geology – Volume 5, Number 1

Age of the Upper Yazoo Formation in Central Mississippi - David T. Dockery Ill and William G. Siesser (Page 1)
Abstract: New U.S. Geological Survey Publication: A Selected Bibliography of Water Resources Publications for Mississippi - G.G. Parker, Debbe Walker, and Carol Moss (Page 10)
A Review: Petroleum Potential of the Niobrara Formation in the Denver Basin: Colorado and Kansas - Frederic F. Mellen (Page 13)

Mississippi Geology – Volume 3, Number 1

Notes on Middle Ordovician Mississippi and Alabama - Frederic F. Mellen (Page 1)
Infrared Spectrographic and Petrographic Analysis of the Wilco Lignites in Mississippi - Franz Froelicher and Frank Pescatore Jr. (Page 6)
Petrographic and Fluorescent Analysis of Wilcox Lignites in Lauderdale County, Mississippi - Franz Froeliche and Michael Wright (Page 7)
A New Species of Balanus Da Costa, 1778, (Cirripedia) from the Upper Oligocene Chickasawhay Formation of Mississippi and Alabama - Victor A. Zullo (Page 9)

Mississippi Geology – Volume 3, Number 2

Fossil Microalgae (Coccolithophorids) in the Yazoo Clay Exposures at Thompson Creek, Yazoo County, Mississippi - Will H. Blackwell and Martha J. Powell (Page 1)
An Overview of Oil and Gas Potential in Mississippi - Dora M. Devery (Page 6)
The Oldest Late Cretaceous Dinosaurs in North America? - Kenneth Carpenter (Page 11)