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Mississippi Geology – Volume 13, Number 2

West Raymond Field - Jack Warner and Jack S. Moody (Page 13(1))
Jackson Ready Mix Miss-Lite Plant and Clay Pit to Close after 34 Years of Operation - David T. Dockery III (Page 22(10))
Selected Bibliography on the Occurrences of Hydrocarbon in Igneous and Metamorphic Rocks - Danny W. Harrelson (Page 23(11))
A Turritelline Gastropod-Dominated Bed in the Byram Formation of Mississippi - Warren D. Allmon and David T. Dockery III (Page 29(17))

Mississippi Geology – Volume 13, Number 1

Geologic Mapping - A National Issue - Donald C. Haney (Page 1)
The Role of the Mississippi Office of Geology in Mineral Resources and Development - Michael B. E. Bograd (Page 4)
Cretaceous Water-Rock Reactions at The Jackson Dome, Mississippi: Geochemical Modeling with the Computer Program SOLMINEQ.88 - James A. Saunders (Page 6)

Mississippi Geology – Volume 12, Numbers 3 and 4

A Continuous Core Through the Undifferentiated Yazoo Clay (Late Eocene, Jackson Group) of Central Mississippi - David T. Dockery ill, Curtis W. Stover, Phillip Weathersby,
C. Wayne Stover Jr., and Stephen L. lngram (Page 21 (1))
Cypraedia (Eucypraedia) Multicarinata (Dall, 1890); A Late Eocene Ovulidae from Florida, Mississippi, Colombia, and Peru: Studies on Paleogene Cypraeoidea (Mollusca: Gastropoda) from the Gulf Coast Basin - Ill - Luc Dolin(Page 28 (8))
Seismic Stratigraphic Confirmation of a Buried Late Proterozoic Terrane, Sunflower County, Mississippi - James L. Coleman, Jr. (Page 32 (12))

Mississippi Geology – Volume 11, Number 4

Deterioration and Restoration of the Grande Batture Islands, Mississippi - Klaus J. Meyer-Arendt and Karen A. Kramer (Page 1)
Cypraeacites Blow/ N. Sp.; First Occurrence of the Genus in the New World, Studies on Paleogene Cypraeoidea (Mollusca: Gastropoda) from the Gulf Coast Basin II - Luc Dolin (Page 6)
The Tuscahoma-Bashi Section at Meridian, Mississippi: First Notice of Lowstand Deposits above the Paleocene-Eocene Tp2/Te1 Sequence Boundary - Stephen L. Ingram (Page 9)

Mississippi Geology – Volume 11, Number 2

The First Early Eocene Mammal from Eastern North America: An Omomyid Primate from the Bashi Formation, Lauderdale County, Mississippi - K. Christopher Beard and Alan R. Tabrum (Page 1)
Finds of Fossil Wood from Upper Cretaceous Sediments, Northeastern Mississippi - Will H. Blackwell (Page 7)
A Bracelet of Native Stones Made By B. L. C. Wailes - Michael B. E. Bograd and David T. Dockery Ill (Page 15)