A Continuous Core Through the Undifferentiated Yazoo Clay (Late Eocene, Jackson Group) of Central Mississippi - David T. Dockery ill, Curtis W. Stover, Phillip Weathersby,
C. Wayne Stover Jr., and Stephen L. lngram (Page 21 (1))
Cypraedia (Eucypraedia) Multicarinata (Dall, 1890); A Late Eocene Ovulidae from Florida, Mississippi, Colombia, and Peru: Studies on Paleogene Cypraeoidea (Mollusca: Gastropoda) from the Gulf Coast Basin - Ill - Luc Dolin(Page 28 (8))
Seismic Stratigraphic Confirmation of a Buried Late Proterozoic Terrane, Sunflower County, Mississippi - James L. Coleman, Jr. (Page 32 (12))

Date: December, 1991
Language: English
Volume: 12
Volume Number: 3,4
Publisher: Office of Geology
Publisher Location: Jackson, MS
Pages: 24
Physical Copy: Not Available