Deterioration and Restoration of the Grande Batture Islands, Mississippi - Klaus J. Meyer-Arendt and Karen A. Kramer (Page 1)
Cypraeacites Blow/ N. Sp.; First Occurrence of the Genus in the New World, Studies on Paleogene Cypraeoidea (Mollusca: Gastropoda) from the Gulf Coast Basin II - Luc Dolin (Page 6)
The Tuscahoma-Bashi Section at Meridian, Mississippi: First Notice of Lowstand Deposits above the Paleocene-Eocene Tp2/Te1 Sequence Boundary - Stephen L. Ingram (Page 9)

Date: June, 1991
Language: English
Volume: 11
Volume Number: 4
Publisher: Bureau of Geology
Publisher Location: Jackson, MS
Pages: 16
Physical Copy: Not Available