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Bulletin 105: Hinds County Geology and Mineral Resources

The report contains additional sections: Forward, by Frederic F. Mellen; Hinds County structural geology, by Alvin R. Bicker, Jr.; Hinds County water resources, by Alvin R. Bicker, Jr., William S. Parks, and William H. Moore; Hinds County clay tests, by Thomas E. McCutcheon; Hinds County mineral industries, by William S. Parks.

Bulletin 104: Mississippi Geologic Research Papers – 1964

Contains: Type Localities Sampling Program, by William H. Moore, William S. Parks, and Marshall K. Kern; Hilgard as a Geologist, by Henry V. Howe; Plant Microfossils from the Eocene Cockfield Formation, Hinds County, Mississippi, by Donald W. Engelhardt; Current Projects of the Mississippi Geological Survey, by Frederic F. Mellen; Well Logging by Mississippi Geological Survey, by Alvin R. Bicker, Jr., and Frederic F. Mellen.

Bulletin 102:Mississippi Geologic Research Papers – 1963

Contains: Regional Stratigraphy of the Midway and Wilcox in Missisippi, by Edward H. Rainwater; Late Pleistocene and Recent History of the Mississippi Sound Between Beauvoir and Ship Island, by Edward H. Rainwater; and Geology of the Northeast Quarter of the West Point, Mississippi Quadrangle, and Related Bentonites, by Thomas F. Torries.