Surface Geology

The Surface Geology Division conducts the traditional work of a state geological survey: surface geologic mapping and research into the geology, paleontology, and mineral resources of the state.


The major work effort is in the preparation of surface geologic maps. Geologic maps provide the basic information needed for assessment of the distribution and availability of energy and mineral resources, location of geologic hazards, occurrence and availability of water resources, and the suitability of land for various uses.

Thus geologic maps are used in such diverse activities as:

  • site characterization for suitability for waste disposal facilities
  • foundation studies at construction sites
  • location of minable gravel deposits, and
  • identification of aquifer recharge areas.

The maps prepared by the staff are used by environmental consultants, academic researchers, government regulatory agencies, the construction industry, and the mining industry.

Paleontological research results in publications that are of vital importance to the surface geologic mapping work. Identification of fossils found during mapping fieldwork can help classify the age and formation of unknown sediments.

In addition to conducting research in these areas, the staff of the Surface Geology Division is available to answer questions and requests for information about:

  • Surface geologic features and processes
  • Geology of Mississippi
  • Economic mineral resources
  • Paleontology
  • Collecting and identifying rocks, minerals, and fossils,
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