On October 22, 2015, EPA promulgated the NPDES e-reporting rule that mandates the electronic submittal of all Discharge Monitoring Reports (DMRs) after December 21, 2016.
All permittees required to submit DMRs must comply with this rule.

After the December 21, 2016 deadline, all DMRs must be submitted electronically using NetDMR.
Submitting a DMR in NetDMR constitutes an official submittal of a DMR as required by your permit.
If you are new to NETDMR, click here for instructions on how to create an account

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What are the web addresses for the NetDMR Test and NetDMR production
2) What information do I need to access my NetDMR account?
  • User Name
  • Password
  • Security Questions

Make sure you remember the email address you are using for NetDMR, your NetDMR User Name and Password for logging onto NetDMR and the answers to the five security Questions. All answers are CASE SENSITIVE. You will need this information to login in and to submit DMRs so please keep in a secure location.

3) How do I report “No Discharge” or other reasons no sampling was conducted, in NetDMR?

If there is no discharge for a particular monitoring period, choose the appropriate No Data Indicator next to Form NODI on the header of your DMR.

You can also use NODI in the event there is no data to report for a particular parameter by choosing the correct code from the dropdown menu below the parameter name.

For detailed information on how to use NODI codes, print this document .

4) NetDMR won’t let me log in. It keeps telling me the username and/or password is incorrect.
  • Check that you are trying to log in at the Mississippi NetDMR page.
  • Usernames and passwords are case sensitive, make sure you are typing it correctly.
  • If the problem persists, it may be a browser issue. Click here for instructions .
5) I submitted a paper DMR but it is still showing up blank in NetDMR. Do I need to resubmit?

DO NOT RESUBMIT THE DMR. NetDMR does not populate data for DMRs received in the mail. In the event the data was not received, MDEQ will contact you.

6) What if I forget my username or password?

Go to the MS NetDMR page, you will find a link for “forgotten password”. You will need the answers to the security questions in order to retrieve or reset your password.

7) What documents can I attach to my DMR submittals?

Any explanation of permit noncompliance (including permit limit exceedances, missed samples, etc). You may submit a PDF or Word document. The file name should contain no spaces.

Please do not attach laboratory analysis reports to your NetDMR UNLESS required by your permit or requested by a MDEQ representative.

All other submittals should be sent via regular mail.

8) Do I need to keep paper copies of DMRs submitted via NetDMR?

It is acceptable to store DMRs electronically as long as those are made available to the MDEQ inspector upon request. However, if permits and/or regulations specifically require paper copies, then you should always comply with such requirements.

It is the permittee’s obligation to demonstrate compliance with record keeping requirements. With computer viruses, hard drive failures, and other such challenges, MDEQ strongly recommends redundancy in record keeping, particularly when relying solely on electronic document management.

9) I’m the person in charge of filling out the DMRs, but someone else will be signing them. Who approves my request?

Users who will be editing DMRs only are approved by the signatory person for that facility. This includes both permittee users employed by the facility and data providers contracted by the facility. The signatory person must have a NetDMR account and have been approved by MDEQ.

10) I need help with a specific issue regarding my DMR. Who do I contact?

Click here to complete a detailed request form. Make sure to include the permit number for your facility, a detailed explanation of your issue, and contact information where we can reach you.