Waste Tire Management Program

The Solid Waste Policy, Planning, & Special Programs Branch administers the State of Mississippi Waste Tire Management Program. This program involves various aspects of waste tire management including the regulatory program involving permitting and compliance of waste tire facilities; the grants program involving funding for waste tire collection and recycling activities; the waste tire abatement program involving clean up of illegal waste tire dumps; and market development activities for Mississippi waste tire derived products. The following documents provide information and guidance on Mississippi’s waste tire management program.

Waste Tire Guidance Brochure
Waste Tire Regulations
Waste Tire Collection & Processing Contact Information

Above listing is for individuals generating less than twenty-five (25) waste tires or less annually or for businesses generating ten (10) waste tires or less per week. All others should use one of the two lists below.

Lists of Mississippi Registered Commercial Waste Tire Haulers
Application Process for Waste Tire Haulers

MDEQ has transitioned from the use of paper and PDF forms for waste tire hauling applications and annual reports to an online data entry system. Therefore, MDEQ will now require all waste tire haulers to electronically submit their application and annual report using the Mississippi DEQ Solid Waste Facility Reporting Program via the Re-TRAC Connect (Re-TRAC) software platform. Re-TRAC should be used whether a hauler is new to the program or renewing their certification.

For new applicants, registration applications should be submitted at least 14 days before the waste tire hauler intends to begin transporting waste tires. Current waste tire haulers should renew their registration on or before May 31 every year. The annual report should also be submitted in conjunction with the renewal application, or if no renewal application is submitted, the annual report shall be submitted by July 1 after the calendar year.

Applicants who have already registered with the MDEQ Re-TRAC program can use the link below to log into the program to access and complete their application and annual report.

Login to Re-TRAC

If you have not yet registered, please use the link below to register and access the required forms.

Register with Re-TRAC

If you have any questions or need assistance with registration, please contact Deidre Graham by email or at 601-961-5513.

Application Process for Waste Tire Collection and Processing Sites

All applicants must complete Part I plus the applicable Part II form(s).

  • Other forms for Waste Tire Collection and Processing Sites
Waste Tire Grant Information

Waste tire assistance grants may include the following:

  • Local Government Waste Tire Disposal & Clean-Up Grants
  • Local Government Solid Waste Enforcement Officer Grants
  • Grants for Waste Tire Recycling Businesses
  • Grants for Waste Tire Recycling Research

For more information and application forms, please see the Grants Information page.

Waste Tire Program Annual Reports

To view waste tire management program annual reports from 2009 to present, please review the Status Reports on Solid Waste Management Facilities and Activities for those particular calendar years.

2008 Waste Tire Management Program Annual Report (Unavailable)

For more information on waste tires visit the waste tire webpage of the U.S. EPA.

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