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Waste Division Program Areas
  • The development of regulations, policies and guidance documents regarding a variety of solid waste management activities in the state.
  • The oversight of the development and implementation of the local 20 year solid waste management plans in the state.
  • The management of the state waste tire regulatory program, including the issuance of permits and the compliance oversight for waste tire matters in the state.
  • The collection of annual disposal reports from landfills, rubbish sites, composting sites and other solid waste facilities and the publication of a state summary report of that information.
  • The management of the local governments solid waste assistance grants program and the waste tire grants program. For copies of regulations or applications for these grant programs, click here.
  • The management of the non-hazardous solid waste corrective action trust fund, a remediation fund available for corrective actions at closed or abandoned municipal solid waste landfills.
  • The management and implementation of special programs related to solid waste management such as the state’s partnership with EPA in the Landfill Methane Outreach Program and the beneficial use program for industrial solid wastes.
  • The management of the certification program for commercial solid waste landfill operators and training programs for rubbish site operators, local solid waste enforcement officers and waste tire program participants.
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