The 50th Issue of Mississippi Geology - Michael B. E. Bograd (Page 57 (1))
Mississippi Earthquake Epicenters - Michael B. E. Bograd (Page 58 (2))
Four Levels of Terrace Deposits and Remnants of High-Level Fluvial Deposits in The Hatchie River Valley, Hebron Area, Hardeman County, Tennesse - William S. Parks (Page 63 (7))
A Core Hole Drilled to Evaluate the Pennsylvanian Coalbed Methane Potential in Clay County, Mississippi - Rick L. Erickson (Page 71 (15))

Date: December, 1992
Language: English
Volume: 13
Volume Number: 4
Publisher: Office of Geology
Publisher Location: Jackson, MS
Pages: 20
Physical Copy: Not Available