Environmental Compliance and Enforcement Division

The Environmental Compliance and Enforcement Division (ECED) implements and oversees the majority of the compliance and enforcement programs for MDEQ.  ECED is responsible for the regulation of over 10,000 sites for compliance with applicable air and water permits and regulations.  When a site fails to comply with permit(s) or regulations, appropriate enforcement action is taken to promptly return the site to compliance.  Compliance and enforcement with applicable hazardous and nonhazardous waste permits and regulations is carried out by the Waste Division.  ECED, in conjunction with the Field Services Division, is also responsible for responding to citizen complaints regarding air and water pollution.  More than 1,000 complaints are handled annually by ECED and the Field Services Division.

Division Structure

ECED underwent a reorganization in 2017.  Previously, the division was composed of nine branches that were distributed according to SIC code.  The current structure now contains six single media branches, as well as an Air Program Manager, a Support Branch, and Enforcement Branch.  Points of contact may be found here.

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Frequently Asked Questions
How can I file a complaint about an environmental problem?

You may call (601) 961-5171 and tell the operator that you wish to report an environmental problem. Please be prepared to explain the nature of the problem and give the location of the problem, including directions to the site. You do not have to give your name; however, if you wish MDEQ to either contact you during the investigation or provide you with the results of the investigation, you must leave your name and contact information.

Does industry receive notice prior to an inspection being performed by ECED?

Typically, inspections performed by ECED are unannounced.