ECED Water II Branch

  • Oversees NPDES, NPDES Individual Stormwater, Pretreatment, and Water SOP Compliance for the facilities included in the former Timber and Wood Products, Metals and Metal Manufacturing, Construction and Building Materials, Service and Miscellaneous (including domestic wastewater except for laundries and USTs), and Solid Waste and Mining Branches
    • Miscellaneous facilities include, but are not limited to restaurants (5812), hotels (7011 and 7021), nursing homes (8059), and day cares (8351).
  • Responsible for compliance activities associated with the following General Permits and coverages:
    • Wet Deck Log Spray with Recirculation
    • Ready Mix Concrete
  • Closely coordinates with applicable ECED, EPD, and Waste Division contacts as needed.
  • Issues Notices of Violation (NOVs)
  • Handles informal enforcement actions and prepares recommendations for referral to Enforcement Branch for formal enforcement

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