Wet Deck Log Spray General Permit

Applicants are authorized to operate a Wet Deck Log Spray (WDLS) operation with recirculation. The WDLS general permit GP covers all areas of the State of Mississippi. The permit covers wet deck log spray facilities with recirculation systems that are operated in a no discharge manner and only discharge intermittently as a direct result of rainfall. Discharges from WDLS recirculation ponds include water sprayed on the timber in the wet deck storage area and storm water run-off from the timber wet deck storage area. Discharges from WDLS recirculation ponds may also include boiler blowdown and exterior equipment and vehicle wash waters where no internal washing or engine washing occurs and where no detergents or chemicals are used. These discharges must be small in volume and not interfere with the no discharge operation of the system. These discharges should be eliminated or reduced to the extent feasible. Discharges of storm water exposed to industrial activities and allowable non-storm water discharges that do not drain to and discharge from the WDLS recirculation pond are covered under this GP.


The Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality is proposing to reissuance of a statewide Wet Deck Log Spray General Permit (MSG17). The permit covers the State of Mississippi and will authorize wet deck operations with recirculation, which involve the storage of harvested logs and spraying of these decks of timber with water to keep the timber wet in order to prevent deterioration until such time as the timber can be further processed. These operations function such that any excess spray water and any storm water falling on the wet deck storage area will be routed back to a recirculation pond for reuse in the spray system. Surface water or ground water is used as makeup for the recirculation pond during dry weather conditions. Intermittent discharges occur from the recirculation pond as a result of high intensive or extended duration rainfall events. The permit also covers industrial stormwater at wet decking operations.  The Public Notice comment period will begin October 27, 2021.

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