The Environmental Permits Division (EPD) has established this portal for applicants to submit a courtesy electronic copy of Notice of Intents, Recoverages, Modifications, and required supporting documents to initiate the permitting process for coverage under EPD’s General Permits. A copy of the General Permits and Notice of Intent forms can be found here.

NOTE: The applicant MUST submit a hard copy of the Notice of Intent and all supporting documents with an original signature to:

Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality
Environmental Permits Division
PO Box 2261
Jackson, MS 39225‐2261

Please note, all applications submitted through this form must be in PDF or MS Word .Doc/.Docx formats.  The maximum file size for Application is 3 MB and Supporting Documents is 15 MB.  In order to meet this file size restriction, compress PDF files and submit only information requested by the General Permit or NOI form.

If the electronic submittal was successful, the applicant and consultant (if contact information is provided) will receive an auto-generated confirmation email from no confirmation email is received, then it is likely the submittal was unsuccessful and the permitting review process has not been initiated. If you are unable to submit the application using this portal, please contact the appropriate permitting branch for other submittal options.  Branch contacts can be found at the EPD Website.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to staff shortage, the anticipated processing times for Stormwater General Permit Coverages are extended.  It is recommended that applicants submit their NOI’s and supporting documents at least 90 days ahead of projected start date and ensure that the application forms (NOIs, Modification Forms, etc.) and Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans are complete and have the appropriate signature.  Incomplete applications will further delay processing.