Due to the circumstances surrounding the state’s response to the COVID-19 situation and for your convenience and safety, EPD is temporarily accepting electronic applications. At a later date, you will need to follow this submittal with a hard copy of this Notice of Intent and SWPPP with an original signature mailed to:

Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality
Environmental Permits Division
PO Box 2261
Jackson, MS 39225‐2261

General Permits and Applications can be found at the following link.  Please note, all applications submitted through this form must be in PDF or MS Word .Doc/.Docx formats.  The maximum file size is 20 MB.  In order to meet the file restriction, only submit information requested by the general permit or NOI application.  Additionally, please compress PDFs.  If your application is unable to be submitted, please contact your permitting branch or provide instruction in the comment field below.  Branch contacts can be found at the EPD Website.