Hot-Mix Asphalt General Permit

This permit may cover all new and existing hot mix asphalt producing facilities in the State of Mississippi which fall under Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) Code 2951 – manufacturing asphalt paving mixtures and block (hot-mixed asphalt)

The Mississippi Environmental Quality Permit Board is proposing to reissue the statewide Hot Mix Asphalt General Permit (MSR70). This permit covers the State of Mississippi and authorizes the discharge of industrial storm water and the construction and operation of air emissions equipment from hot mix asphalt facilities that fall under the Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) Code 2951 (Asphalt Paving Mixtures and Blocks). If reissued, this general permit would be active for a five-year period. This general permit will replace the previous general permit that expired February 29, 2020.

  • The Draft General Permit for public review can be found HERE
  • The Public Notice can be found HERE
  • The Statement of Basis can be found HERE

The thirty (30) day public notice starts August 17, 2022. Written comments should be submitted to the following address no later than September 16, 2022. See the Public Notice for further instructions on providing comments. A letter with instructions for obtaining re-coverage under the General Permit will be mailed to everyone that holds an active coverage. Existing coverage holders may request re-coverage under the reissued general permit by completing and submitting the Recoverage Form within 60 days of the date of the Letter of Instruction.