(Flowood, MS)—MDEQ is issuing a water contact advisory following the release of wastewater from a sewer collection system into a water tributary near Hidden Hills subdivision in Flowood. 


MDEQ was alerted today that the City of Flowood experienced a power failure at a lift-station which, along with heavy rain, caused the discharge of approximately 300 to 400 gallons per minute of wastewater. The wastewater is going into an unnamed tributary before flowing into the confluence of Mill creek and Pelahatchie Bay. The advisory continues to a line from the west end of Pelican Place off Audubon Point Drive to the end of Forest Point Drive.  MDEQ  encourages erring on the side of safety and taking precautions if you are near these points until the situation has been resolved. 


Power is expected to be restored this afternoon and will stop the discharge. MDEQ is staying in close contact with the City of Flowood and will continue to monitor the situation.