MDEQ Begins Outreach on Water Withdrawals in Wilkinson County

(Jackson, Miss.) – The Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) will soon begin outreach to landowners in Wilkinson County regarding permissible water withdrawals.  In the past withdrawals from Foster Lake have affected the lake’s level, and the agency wants to prevent future issues.

Any pumping or diverting of water out of lakes, rivers, or streams requires a permit from MDEQ.   Applicants must submit a completed application for each separate withdrawal or diversion point. Where mobile pumps are proposed for use in the diversion of surface water, a separate permit is required for each quarter-quarter section from which water is diverted.

The maximum volume of water requested, estimated dates for withdrawal of the water, and estimated withdrawal rates must be furnished to MDEQ who will then perform an analysis on what volume and rate can be safely withdrawn.

For additional information or for questions check MDEQ’s website at or call 601-961-5269.

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