Carditamera williamsi, A New Species from the Late Eocene of Mississippi- David T. Dockery (Page 1(57))
Mississippi Office of Geology Publication Sales for Fiscal Year 1997- Margaret Allen and Michael B. E. Bograd (Page 5 (61))
Virginia H. Kline's Clay County Foraminifera Slides Donated to the Smithsonian - David T. Dockery (Page 6 (62))
Review of Roadside Geology of Louisiana- Michael B. E. Bograd (Page 7 (63))
Two Interesting Cores in Attala County, Mississippi, and the Mid-Jurassic Surface- David T. Dockery III (Page 8 (64))

Date: September, 1997
Language: English
Volume: 18
Volume Number: 4
Publisher: Office of Geology
Publisher Location: Jackson, MS
Pages: 12
Physical Copy: Not Available