Banks and Realtors

Q. I have a client who is purchasing a piece of property that has an underground storage tank facility on it.  Can I get a letter from the UST Branch that states that the facility is in compliance with your rules and regulations?
A. Yes.  If the facility is in compliance, we can provide you a letter stating that the facility is in compliance with the UST regulations (11 Miss. Admin. Code, Pt. 5, Ch. 2).  It would be most helpful if you would have as much information as possible like the facility identification number that we assigned to the facility, the owner’s name, the facility address, and the facility name available before you contact us.

Q. How do I get a letter from the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) stating that the property where an old underground storage tank is located is clean?
A. If a UST was closed in place prior to December 22, 1988, chances are that the product was removed and they were either filled with water or left empty.  This type of closure procedure was the norm at that time.  However for a tank that was closed in place prior to December 22, 1988, and you want to get a letter from MDEQ regarding the location, you must hire an MDEQ certified contractor to take samples and then have them analyzed by a laboratory.  Once we receive the analytical results we will notify you in writing if no further action is required at the site.  If the UST was closed in place after December 22, 1988, the closure should have been performed by Department closure guidelines.  The owner should have received a “no further action” letter from the Department and we should have a copy on file.