Underground Storage Tanks

The Underground Storage Tank (UST) Program prevents, detects, and cleans up releases from underground storage tanks.

  • NEW – On January 18, 2024, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) published simultaneously a Proposed Rule and a Direct Final Rule entitled “Mississippi:  Final Approval of State Underground Storage Tank Program Revisions, Codification and Incorporation by Reference” in the Federal Register under Docket # EPA-R04-UST-2023-0410.  The proposed rule (FRL-11400-01-R4) provides for a 30-day comment period on the Direct Final Rule (FRL-11400-02-R4) Mississippi Final Approval on the State’s SPA application.  The 30-day public comment period is open from January 18, 2024, through February 20, 2024.  Submit your comments identified by docket number EPA-R04-UST-2023-0410 at https://www.regulations.gov [regulations.gov].  Follow the online instructions for submitting comments and/or other requests.  The publication and all supporting materials can be electronically accessed at https://www.regulations.gov/docket?D=EPA-R04-UST-2023-0410 [regulations.gov].
  • FINAL Report for FY2022 Tank Fee Recommendation
  • NOTICE: Please be advised that the Underground Storage Tank Fee was increased to $150 per tank effective July 1, 2020.  All underground storage tanks available for use that are regulated by the State of Mississippi, Department of Environmental Quality are now required to pay $150 for each tank, this also includes tanks that are temporarily out of service.  Every underground storage tank owner is mailed an invoice the last week in May of each year.  Checks should be made payable to “MDEQ.”
  • UST Regulations and Certified Contractor Regulations
  • Mississippi UST Act
  • Summary of UST Technical Regulations Changes
  • Summary of Certified Contractor Regulation Changes