Certification to Test Cathodic Protection

Note:  An individual licensed to test UST cathodic protection is restricted from performing critical junctures of UST systems that require a licensed Installation Contractor (e.g., drilling to install supplemental anodes).  Please see the Certified Contractor Regulations for more details.

Requirements for initial certification:
  • One certification of completion of approved cathodic protection tester course.*
  • Provide a letter from your employer (unless you own your company) on company letterhead stationery stating that you are a full-time employee of the company.
  • Provide proof of six months’ experience under a licensed UST Installation Contractor, licensed UST Technician, OR licensed UST Cathodic Protection Tester.**

* Approved cathodic protection course providers include ALPEC, NACE, PETCON, and STI.

** You must provide proof of six months’ experience by letter of employer, W-2, or MDEQ approved equivalent.