Report a Release

Reporting a Confirmed or Suspected Leak/Release

Emergencies–MEMA: 1-800-222-MEMA(6362)
Normal Hours–UST Project Manager: (601) 961-5171
After Hours & Weekends: Martha Martin


If you have a release or spill that may affect state waters, land, air, or public health, immediately call the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) at 1-800-222-MEMA(6362).  Please follow up by reporting the release to MDEQ as stated below and confirm that you reported the emergency situation to MEMA.

UST project managers:

Martha Martin (Supervisor)
Joseph Curro (Supervisor)
Charka Fair
Heather Pitts
Dan Harper
April Cameron
Holden Volentine

If you suspect that product has leaked from your UST system, you must:
  • Report the release to the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) within 24 hours.  To report a release during normal business hours (Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.), please call (601) 961-5171 and ask for a UST project manager.  After hours and on weekends, please contact Martha Martin and leave her a voicemail or email message.
  • Take immediate action to prevent any further release of product (e.g., turn off the power to the pumps, stop the flow from the tanker truck, etc.).
  • Identify and mitigate all fire, explosion, or vapor hazards properly.
  • Submit a written report within 10 days of the release to the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality, UST Branch, P. O. Box 2261, Jackson, MS, 39225-2261.  Please use the Confirmation of a Release & Initial Abatement Activities form.
Reportable releases include the following:
  • 1/8 inch or more of free product found in any monitoring well;
  • soil or groundwater samples indicating concentrations above the typical UST cleanup levels;
  • a precision tank/line tightness test failure;
  • inventory control records that reflect an overage/shortage greater than 1% of monthly throughput (1% of sales/deliveries) plus 130 gallons for two (2) consecutive months;
  • any time an inconclusive or failure is declared for one (1) month using statistical inventory reconciliation;
  • a spill or overfill in which more that 25 gallons of product is released;
  • the discovery of free product or vapors in the soil, utility lines, sewers, or other areas at or around the UST facility; and
  • unusual operating conditions such as erratic behavior of dispensing equipment (i.e., automatic line leak detectors, etc.) or an unexplained presence of water in the tank.
For high vapor readings in any leak detection wells:
  • Report to MDEQ within 30 days any vapor readings greater than or equal to 1,000 ppm for gasoline USTs and 100 ppm for diesel, kerosene, or waste oil USTs, according to the UST Branch Vapor Monitoring guidance.