Progress of a New Site

After a release has been determined to have occurred at a facility, the tank owner (or tank owners representative contacts our office to Report a Release.  Our office then determines if immediate action is necessary to protect human health or the environment.

The site is assigned to a project manager, and the project manager requests records, requests a 10-day bailing program from the owner, and then performs a site visit.

  • If assessment or remedial action is necessary for the location, the project manager reviews the site to determine if it is eligible for the Mississippi Groundwater Protection Trust Fund.
  • If the site is determined to be eligible for the Trust Fund, the Tank Owner, is required to submit paperwork and select an Environmental Response Action Contractor (ERAC).

Typically, the owner will be asked to hire an ERAC and begin an Assessment.  After the area of contamination has been defined, the tank owner will be asked to monitor their location with the aide of their ERAC (GW Sampling SOW), or they will be asked to proceed to Remediation.  Once it has been determined that the site is no longer a threat to human health or the environment, the tank owner is asked to close all of the assessment wells with the aide of their ERAC (Monitoring Well Plugging Scope of Work).  Then, the tank owner is issued a letter indicating that no further assessment or remediation actions are necessary to meet present regulatory requirements.