Current Announcements


Large Construction General Permit

The Large Construction Storm Water General Permit (MSR10) was reissued on February 4, 2022.  This general permit authorizes the discharge of storm water from construction sites that disturb five (5) or more acres by clearing, grading, excavating, or other land-disturbing activities.  This permit replaces the previous general permit that expired on December 31, 2021.  The permit is reissued for a five-year period that will expire on January 31, 2027.

To remain covered under a valid general permit, the current coverage recipients must complete and submit the recoverage form by April 30, 2022. Until the time the recoverage has been processed, please condition to operate under the condition of the new permit.  The reissued permit, recoverage form, and request for termination form can be found at

Oil Production General Permit (MSOPGP)

The Mississippi Environmental Quality Permit Board issued a statewide Oil Production General Permit (OPGP) on October 15, 2019. The OPGP covers the State of Mississippi and authorizes coverage recipients who construct and operate air emissions equipment located at oil producing facilities under the terms and conditions of the OPGP. Conditions established by the permit include: 1. limiting all criteria pollutants(PM10, SO2, NOX, CO, and VOC) below 95.0 tons per year, individual hazardous air pollutant emissions below 9.5 tons per year, and total hazardous air pollutant emissions below 24 tons per year; 2. flaring or routing to a pipeline all produced gas emissions; 3. state and federal standards for all air emission equipment on site including but not limited to engines, tanks, fugitive emissions, pneumatic controllers and pumps; and, 4. monitoring and recordkeeping for demonstration of compliance with any emission limits and standards. In addition, operators must develop and implement an OPGP Compliance Plan to clearly identify all emissions sources, applicable limitations, standards, work practices, monitoring, recordkeeping, and reporting requirements. The term of the permit is for a five-year period.  The Oil Production General Permit and the Statement of Basis can be viewed below.

For questions, please contact Jeffrey Bland at (601)961-5112.

Stormwater Coverages Form

Please use the form below entitled “Coastal County Utility Authority Environmental Clearance Form to the Office of Pollution Control.” This form can also be found under Applications and Forms. This form is required to be completed and submitted to MDEQ for all construction stormwater coverages in Hancock, Harrison, Jackson, Pearl River, and Stone Counties.