Basin Management Approach

The purpose of Mississippi’s Basin Management Approach is to protect and restore the quality of Mississippi’s water resources. This is done by developing and implementing effective management strategies that address water quality issues.

Many agencies, organizations, businesses and citizens are coming together to help implement the Basin Management Approach. By working together and collaborating with one another, we are protecting and improving our water resources.

Mississippi’s Basin Management Approach

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Newly Released Information

About the Basin Management Approach

Overview of the Basin Management Approach including areas, activities, timelines, points of contact, and how to get involved.

Stakeholder Groups

Stakeholders are citizens, organizations, businesses, and local governments with interest in water quality issues.

Find Your Basin

A basin is an area of land that drains into a major river or other sizable water body. There are nine major river basins in Mississippi. Find your basin and contact basin coordinator for information. Interactive Map is under construction.

Basin Coordinators

Basin Management Branch Chief – Natalie Segrest

Group I – North Independent Streams, Tennessee, and Tombigbee River BasinsMelissa Wells 

Group II – Yazoo River BasinNatalie Segrest

Group III – Pearl River, South Independent Streams and Big Black River Basin – Adam McWilliams

Group IV – Pascagoula River, Coastal Streams and Lower Pearl River BasinsCoen Perrott