Compliance Inspections

Periodically inspectors from the Underground Storage Tank Branch will send you a letter to let you know that your facility will be inspected on a certain day and time. On the day of the inspection, you should have the following items ready:

1. Installation records for any tank system installed after 12/22/88

  • Installer’s name
  • Documentation of new or re-certified tanks
  • Precision tank and piping test documentation
  • Deflection tests for fiberglass tanks
  • Any installation checklist documents

2. Have your leak detection records for the type of leak detection that you have on your UST system available for review

  • Monitoring well records
  • Automatic tank gauging records
  • Daily and Monthly Inventory Reports and last tank tightness test results
  • Statistical inventory reconciliation reports
  • Interstice inspection records
  • Manual record keeping forms
  • Annual automatic line leak detector test results
  • Line tightness test results

3. Any repair or upgrade records

  • Documentation of installation of spill and overfill prevention
  • Documentation of installation of cathodic protection
  • Documentation that upgraded components were sound when brought up to required standards

4. A copy of a Notification of Underground Storage Tank(s) form

5. Have your corrosion protection (if applicable) tests and checks available

6. Make accessible cathodic protection test points

7. Have keys to

  • Your dispensers
  • Submersible pump manways
  • Overfill device
  • Monitoring wells

8. Remove soils from

  • Overfill devices (if applicable)
  • Monitoring well covers
  • Submersible pump housing