To begin the permanent closure process you must do the following:

  • Submit a Notice of Intent to Permanently Close Underground Storage Tank System(s) form to this office at least 30 days before the closure begins.
  • Select a remover from a list of companies that employ persons who have been certified by the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality to install, alter, and/or remove underground storage tanks.
  • Conduct the permanent closure in accordance with the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality’s permanent closure policy.
  • Submit a Underground Storage Tank System Closure Report form and all required information upon completion of the permanent closure.
    • Laboratory results of any sampling (MDEQ does not regulate laboratories)
    • Completed Chain of Custody form
    • Manifests for the disposal of any contaminated soils, waters, or tank sludges
    • A detailed site drawing

After you have submitted the Underground Storage Tank Closure Report and all supporting documentation, you will be notified in writing by the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality if any further action will be necessary due to possible contamination.  If you have a question regarding the underground storage tank permanent closure requirements please contact MDEQ.

UST systems that meet the corrosion protection requirements may remain temporarily out of service indefinitely provided the corrosion protection system is maintained.  Click here to view the Tank Status Change guidance document.

Other Permanent Closure Documents