If the Tanks are In Use:

Has the tank been registered with MDEQ?
  • Call MDEQ to find out if tank is registered.
  • The tank must be registered within 30 days of bringing the tank into use.
  • If you purchase the tank, you must notify MDEQ within 30 of days bringing the tank into use.
Is the tank underground or aboveground?
  • MDEQ regulates underground tanks:
    • An underground tank is any tank, including underground piping connected to the tank, that has at least 10% of its volume underground.
  • Underground tanks exempted from the regulations include:
    • farm and residential tanks holding 1,100 gallons or less of motor fuel for noncommercial purposes
    • tanks used to fuel heating systems
    • tanks on or above the floor of underground floors
    • septic tanks
    • flow-through process tanks
    • tanks holding 110 gallons or less
    • emergency spill and overfill tanks
  • The Environmental Protection Agency and local fire marshals regulate aboveground tanks.
Have the tank fees been paid?
  • Tank owner is responsible for fees.
  • If fees have not been paid and you acquire the tank, you will be responsible for back fees
  • See table for tank fee amounts.
  • Contact MDEQ to find out if tank fees have been paid.
Is the tank in substantial compliance?
  • Is the owner maintaining leak detection?
  • Is the owner testing/checking the corrosion protection system?
  • Does the tank have spill and overfill prevention?
Has the tank system ever leaked?
  • Is the cleanup ongoing?
  • Was the site cleaned up?
  • Tank owner is responsible for cleaning up any contamination from tank system.
  • State Trust Fund will reimburse owner for eligible expenses if owner is in substantial compliance.
  • Does owner have a “no further action” (NFA) needed letter from state?
Does the owner have records?
  • New tank records
  • Tank tightness testing records from installation
  • Automatic line leak detector test records (pressurized piping only)
  • Tank and piping leak detection records
  • Cathodic protection records (applies to steel tanks and piping only)