Tank Owner

Q. When must I notify MDEQ that I have installed new tanks or piping?
A. You must complete a notification form and submit it to MDEQ within 30 days of bring the tank/piping into use.

Q. I have just purchased an underground storage tank facility. How long do I have to notify MDEQ of the change in ownership.
A. You must notify MDEQ of a change in ownership within 30 days of purchase.

Q. Who can I get to install, alter, or remove my tanks?
A. First of all you must hire a contractor that has been certified by the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality to do most any type of work on your tank system.  To obtain a list of approved contractors, click here, and select companies that have a code “I” for install, alter, and remove certification and a “C” for those companies that have certification to just permanently close tanks.

Q. What should I do if I have a suspected release at my underground storage tank facility?
A. If you suspect that you have a release, you should contact the UST Branch within 24 hours of when you notice the release. Please refer to our page about reporting releases.