Renewal of Existing Certifications

MDEQ issued licenses must be renewed every two years, and Cathodic Protection Tester certificates must be renewed before the expiration date.

To renew an existing license the following shall be submitted prior to the expiration date:

  • renewal application*
  • continuing education course certificates**
  • certificate of financial responsibility (Installation, Closure, and Technician certifications if performing work on UST systems that are not owned by you or your employer)
  • applicable manufacturer certifications (Installation and Technician certifications)***

* Individuals licensed before August 23, 2018, as a licensed Installer and Closure Contractor, may select to keep their current Installation and Closure License or may modify their type of licensure.  Selection should be made on the renewal application and will be processed by MDEQ once applicable continuing education course certificates are received.

There are four separate types of certification available: Installation (to install or alter USTs), Closure (to permanently close USTs), Technician (to test USTs), and Cathodic Protection Tester (to test UST cathodic protection).  Individuals licensed as an Installer are considered by MDEQ to meet the requirements necessary to be licensed as a Technician.  It is not necessary for an Installation Contractor to acquire or maintain certification as a Technician.  Individuals licensed as an Installer will be considered by MDEQ to meet the requirements necessary to be licensed as a Cathodic Protection Tester until August 23, 2020.  After August 23, 2020, all individuals testing cathodic protection must be licensed as a Cathodic Protection Tester by MDEQ.

** After August 23, 2018, MDEQ began accepting UST technician related course work as continuing education for individuals licensed as an Installer.  This allowance is being made for currently licensed Installers applying for renewal only and does not apply to individuals applying for initial installation certification.

*** For additional guidance see Applicable Manufacturer Certifications.