Environmental Response Action Contractors/Immediate Response Action Contractors

In order to perform work through the Trust Fund, tank owners must use the services of ERACs and/or IRACs as indicated in the Mississippi Groundwater Protection Trust Fund Regulations (11 Miss. Admin. Code, Pt. 5, Ch. 1).

An ERAC is an environmental firm that meets the following minimum requirements:

  • Proof of $1,000,000 Professional Liability insurance
  • Approved QA/QC Plan on file with our office
  • 40 hour full time P.E. and/or P.G.
  • Experience of 3 assessments & 2 remediation

At any time, an engineer or geologist can submit this information along with the ERAC application in order to be added to the list of Environmental Response Action Contractors.

ERACs must complete:

ERAC activities typically include assessment, monitoring, and remediation activities.  The ERAC is also responsible for managing the project to reasonably control costs.

An IRAC is a person who has been approved by the Commission to carry out any immediate response action.  Twice a year, our office solicits applications from contractors who desire to be approved as an IRAC.  The contractors submit an application including:

  • Copy of a current certificate of responsibility issued by the State of Mississippi Board of Contractors
  • Copy of current certificate of insurance showing coverage of $1,000,000 general liability insurance
  • Copy of a current certification from the Department of a full-time employee of the company to permanently close UST systems
  • Copies of certification of applicable Occupational Safety and Health Administration training for all personnel
  • Evidence of successful completion of three jobs within one year prior to application

IRAC activities typically include, excavating, transporting and disposal of contaminated media, responding to any site with 24 hours of notification to proceed, and effectively recovering and properly disposing of free phase petroleum hydrocarbons.