All required forms needed by water well contractors are provided in the following links:

Apply for a Water Well Contractor's License

Apply for a Pump Installer's License

Apply for a Driller’s Restricted License

Register a Drilling Rig

Report data obtained when drilling a well

Report the abandonment and decommissioning of a well

Seismic Hole Decommissioning (Plugging) Form

Affidavit Form Letter for Water Well Contractor's License

Affidavit Form Letter for Driller’s Restricted License

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Also included below are links for homeowners who may need advice on selecting a water well contractor and maintaining and protecting their water wells.

Licensed Well Contractors/Drillers/Pump Installers List

Well Contractors/Drillers/Pump Installers Regulations

Five Good Reasons to Abandon Well

Guidance on Securing Services of Water Well Contractors

Homeowner's Water Well Checklist

Links to Approved Education Providers