Water Well Drillers

The Office of Land and Water Resources is responsible for licensing and regulating all drillers and pump installers operating in the state. Individuals desiring to engage in the business of water well contracting in the state must file an application for a water well driller’s license with the Office of Land and Water Resources. Individuals desiring to engage in other businesses that require the drilling of boreholes or wells (other than water supply wells) may file an application for a restricted driller’s license that will be valid only for the specified drilling purpose. Individuals desiring to engage in the business of servicing and installing water well pumps must file an application for a pump installer’s license. Licensees in Mississippi must meet specific requirements and demonstrate their competency in drilling and/or pump installation by passing various tests administered either by the office or by the National Groundwater Association (NGWA). A currentlist of licensed water well drillers, pump installers, and special purpose drillers in the state is compiled by the agency. Other related responsibilities of the Office of Land and Water Resources include maintaining records on all drilled and plugged wells and holes in the state and enforcing pertinent regulations and laws to ensure the protection of groundwater resources. A well driller licensed in the state of Mississippi must be used for drilling water wells.

New Regulations Revisions (As of March 24, 2011)

The revisions contain significant changes that will impact water well drillers and pump installers. The new regulation will require individuals to obtain 4 hours of continuing education each year in order to maintain their license. The regulation requires individuals or companies who install or service water well pumps in the state, to obtain a license through MDEQ. Companies engaged in the business must have an individual license holder responsible for certifying the competency of all the company’s installers. The initial license fee is $100.00 with an annual renewal fee of $100.00. Also, under the revision of the regulation, water well drillers must register their drilling rigs with the Office of Land and Water Resources. The form needed to register a drilling rig (Drill Rig Registration Form (OLWR-DR-1 (4/08)) can be downloaded from this website.

Also the State Well Report (commonly referred to as a driller’s log), has been revised and is now a two-part form. The first part will contain the information associated with drilling the hole and setting and grouting the casing; the second part will contain information associated with well completion and pump installation. You can download the form (State Well Report Form), as you need it from this website.

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