Solid Waste Permitting Applications and Forms

The following applications and forms are available for download in either DOC or PDF format.

Individual Permit Applications and Forms

Municipal Solid Waste Landfill Application

Industrial Solid Waste Landfill Application

Rubbish Disposal Application

Rubbish Disposal Recoverage

Transfer Station Application

Yard Waste Processing Application

Putrescible Processing Application

Yard Waste Composting Application

Putrescible Composting Application

Wastewater Sludge Land Application

Industrial Sludge Land Application

Disclosure Form

Solid Waste Permit Transfer Request

Class I Underground Injection Well Application

General Permit Applications and Forms

Class I Rubbish Site General Permit

Class II Rubbish Site General Permit

Municipal Solid Waste Transfer Station General Permit

Biosolids Land Application General Permit

Vegetative Debris and Untreated Wood Waste Composting Facilities GP

An update on the Class I and II Rubbish General Permit is attached below.