City of Starkville:

Contact Person: Christopher Smiley, Director of Environmental Services

Mailing Address: 506 DL Connor, Starkville, MS 39759

Phone: (662) 323-2652

Email: c.smiley@cityofstarkville.org

Reference Website: http://www.cityofstarkville.org/recycling

Program Type: Local Government Drop Off Program

Drop Off Location: -506 Dr. Douglas L. Conner Drive; -Corner of South Montgomery Street and Academy Road (near Fire Station Four); -Fire Station Park, 503 East Lampkin St.; -1215 W. Garrard Rd.

Materials Accepted: Paper, Paperboard, Mixed Paper, Cardboard(flattened), Aluminum and Tin Cans

Door 2 Door Recycling:

Contact Person: Faith Young, Owner

Phone: 1-888-564-7764

Email: recycleglass@door2doorrecycling.com

Reference Website: https://www.door2doorrecycling.com/

Program Type: Paid Subscription Curbside Recycling Service

Materials Accepted: Aluminum, Steel Cans, Cardboard, Glass, Papers, and Plastics

Industrial Recyclers of Mississippi, LLC:

Mailing Address:  211-A C.C. Clark Road, Starkville, MS 39759

Drop Off Location:  211-A C.C. Clark Road, Starkville, MS 39759

Phone: (662) 324-0930

Email: Lacey@IndustrialRecyclersMS.com

Reference Website: http://www.industrialrecyclersms.com/

Program Type: Private Recycler

Materials Accepted: Cardboard, Mixed Paper, Aluminum Cans