Where do I go to find information on where to recycle steel cans or steel scrap?

Individuals or businesses can check out one or more of the following:

  • Earth 911 Network – This is an off-site website for locating recycling locations across the state. Learn more about that website on the quick link Begin Today!
  • Mississippi Recycling Directory – Contains information on community programs and recycling facilities that accept steel for recycling.
  • Community Programs – Contains a list of communities across the state with recycling programs.
Is there anything special I need to know about recycling steel cans in my community program?

Recycling steel cans is similar to that of recycling aluminum cans. Steel cans should be clean of most of food material. Paper labels on steel cans, in most cases, do not need to be removed. If possible, cut out the bottom lid on containers so that the cans may be flattened to save space in the recycling bin.

Are steel aerosol containers recyclable?

Steel aerosol containers are very much recyclable in nearly all areas of the United States. Check with the community’s recycling coordinator to see if these containers are accepted in the program. If they are, make sure the aerosol container is completely empty and remove the plastic spray tip and plastic cap.