Propane Tanks

How do I properly recycle/dispose of the 20 lb. propane grill or space heating tanks?

Many of these tanks should be replaced periodically because they only have a 12-year life span and all have a date stamped on them to mark the beginning of that time period. In addition, some tanks cannot be refilled due to a federal law that prohibits tanks from being refilled without an overflow protection device (OPD). Tanks that have the OPD installed on them can be identified by having a triangular shaped on/off valve knob. Because propane is a hazardous material, it needs to be handled and disposed of properly. Often recycling facilities do not want them due to the explosion risk. Take empty propane tanks to locations where the tanks can either be refilled if they have an OPD installed, or purchase a new full tank which has the OPD installed and leave them the old tank. The Jackson Environmental Service Center in Jackson accepts these propane tanks for recycling. Some larger propane companies around the state may also accept old tanks as well. Check the yellow pages of the phone book for “Gas – Propane” companies to find a dealer that will take old tanks. These tanks should not be setout at the road or curb as they present a hazard to the garbage collectors in the compactor trucks. For more information contact the Recycling and Solid Waste Reduction Program staff at MDEQ.