Computers and Electronics

How do I properly recycle/dispose of computers and electronics?

It is important to recycle computers and other electronic equipment if at all possible. Many of these components contain hazardous materials and can be a danger to the environment if not disposed of properly. Computer monitors are especially a concern since most contain upwards of six pounds of lead per monitor and the flatscreen monitors contain mercury.

In the Jackson Metro area, old computers, monitors and other hardware can be taken to Jackson State University’s Computer Recycling and Refurbishing Program. The number for information is 601/979-8261. Some computers and related hardware can also be donated to schools, churches and other similar organizations. Make sure the system is working and is not so out of date that it is useless to them. The Recycling and Solid Waste Reduction Program maintains a Computer and Electronics Recycling Directory to assist businesses and industries in finding locations to recycle computers and electronics.  Click here on Cell Phone Recycling to find your nearest site for recycling these devices. In addition, click here on Computer/Electronics Recycling Guidance to learn about computers/electronics recycling issues, collection and processing procedures for electronics, and deleting sensitive materials from the hard drive prior to recycling. If you would like to organize a special event for the collection of computers and electronics click here on Computer/Electronics Collection Event to see how to put one of these events on.

Consumers can be more selective and environmentally friendly when it comes to purchasing electronics. Consider upgrading the existing computer or leasing a computer instead of buying a new one. Before buying a new computer or other electronic equipment, ask the retailer if they have a “takeback” program that allows consumers to bring back old computers and other electronic equipment for recycling.