Mississippi Nonhazardous Solid Waste Corrective Action Trust Fund Program

Proper Maintenance Of A Closed Landfill Final Cover System Helps Protect The Environment And Public Health

The Mississippi Nonhazardous Solid Waste Corrective Action Trust Fund (CATF) Program is one of several funding assistance programs administered by the MDEQ Waste Division’s Policy, Planning, & Special Programs Branch. This program provides an opportunity for financial assistance to site owners to conduct corrective actions at closed or abandoned municipal solid waste (MSW) landfills that closed prior to the effective date of the Federal Subtitle D Regulations. The assistance can be used for preventive or corrective actions due to a real or potential release of contaminants from the landfill or for monitoring or abating other problem conditions at an eligible closed landfill. This fund may be utilized to assess the impacts (onsite or offsite) from potential groundwater contamination and landfill gas migration and also to remediate contaminants at an old closed landfill.

Under current state law, only closed sanitary or municipal landfills that accepted household garbage during the life of the landfill are considered eligible for funding assistance from CATF. In addition, only those closed landfills that ceased receiving waste prior to the effective dates of Federal Subtitle D Regulations: October 9, 1993 (>100 tons per day) or April 9, 1994 (<100 tons per day) are eligible for funding consideration through the CATF. Further information on the CATF can be found in the the MS Nonhazardous Solid Waste Corrective Action Trust Fund Regulations.

The MDEQ has assisted various landfill owners with corrective action projects related to groundwater and surface water impacts, methane gas migration, repair of erosion and subsidence, and restoration of the final cover system at a number of old closed MSW landfills. If the MDEQ or a site owner determines that corrective actions appear necessary for an eligible closed or abandoned landfill site, a pre-project meeting should be arranged to discuss the specifics of a proposed corrective action project and the eligibility of expected project costs. Upon determination of the correction actions that are eligible for funding assistance, the site owner should complete a funding assistance application form (CATF-1) in order to receive formal consideration for funding assistance through the CATF Program. A complete application shall include a written narrative justifying the eligibility of the proposed project for funding assistance, appropriate maps and drawings, engineering and remediation work plans, and other pertinent information.

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