The Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality Environmental Stewardship Initiative

enHance promotes voluntary environmental stewardship by recognizing committed environmental leaders thus encouraging the reduction of waste, conservation of resources, and continuous environmental enhancement.

Applications submitted by interested entities are reviewed for eligibility.  Upon approval of the initial application, a site visit will be conducted to review environmental management practices and proposed environmental enhancement projects. Please carefully review the application instructions for complete membership eligibility requirements for both environmental enhancement activities and regulatory compliance.

New members accepted from applications submitted in the calendar year will be announced the following year.
Annual Report Form
Applications Form & Instructions
Forms for Local Governments
Forms for Environmental Star

enHance recognizes any organization contributing to enhancement of the environment. This may include regulated and non-regulated businesses, industries, governmental agencies, schools, associations, community groups, and other similar organizations.


There are four levels of membership. Requirements for each level include:

  • Has signed environmental policy
  • Has an Environmental Management Plan outlining current and continuing environmental improvement actions (Municipalities complete an Environmental Management Best Practices Template in lieu of Plan)
  • Has one active or completed voluntary project with quantifiable results that enhances the environment
  • Agrees to share project information on MDEQ website, in MDEQ newsletter articles, or other venues
  • Must demonstrate a history of meeting compliance requirements with no previous judgement or conviction for a criminal violation.  Must have no unresolved NOV’s (Notice of Violation) or be in compliance with any Agreed Order
  • Conducts self-audit
  • Submits annual report
  • Meets Associate requirements
  • Has one additional active or completed voluntary project with quantifiable results that enhances the environment
  • Meets Steward requirements
  • Demonstrates record of sustained environmental compliance – Meets Associate/Steward requirements and meets additional criteria:  not more than one Notice of Violation in the past three years; Must not have been levied a fine from the MDEQ or EPA in the past three years
  • Has one community outreach project or serves as a program mentor
  • Has implemented an Environmental Management System or equivalent
  • Has an independent audit conducted by a qualified assessor
Environmental Star – Recognition program for non-regulated entities
  • Minimum of 50 employee
  • Minimum 20,000 square feet of building space
  • Has signed environmental policy
  • Conducts self-audit
  • Has Environmental Management Plan addressing all environmental aspects
  • Has two active or completed voluntary environmental enhancement projects
  • Submits annual report

A membership application form must be completed and submitted to MDEQ; applications will be accepted once per year and may be submitted between July 1 and September 30. Membership will be valid for three years; After the first year in the program ,each member will be required to submit an Annual Report detailing the previous calendar year’s activity.  The Annual Report is due by July 31.   Click here for enHance Annual Report Form.

Click here to view a list of current enHance members. 


Membership in enHance will provide great opportunities for recognition and networking.

Certificate Yes Yes Yes
Press Release Yes Yes No
Press Release with Pictures with
MDEQ Director pr Governor
No No Yes
Annual Award Eligibility Yes Yes Yes
Listed on MDEQ Website Yes Yes Yes
Use of Logo Yes Yes Yes
Annual Meeting Yes Yes Yes

In order to become a member, organizations must have a formal environmental policy, an active or completed project that enhances the environment, a defined management process to review environmental issues, and a demonstration of commitment to environmental compliance.