Title V Fees

Mississippi received full approval from EPA in January 1995 to administer the Title V Air Operating Permit program. This program originated in the amendments to the Clean Air Act enacted in 1990. Each major source of air pollution is required to obtain a Title V Operating Permit which sets out all air requirements applicable to the source and specifies the methods by which the source must demonstrate compliance. All aspects of Title V permitting are handled by the Environmental Permits Division while all compliance certifications and demonstrations are handled by the Environmental Compliance and Enforcement Division.

Title V Program Duties

The Air Division, in conjunction with the Title V Advisory Council, evaluates the annual revenue needed to conduct an adequate Title V program. The revenue needs are reported to the Commission on Environmental Quality so that the appropriate fee rate ($/ton) can be adopted prior to the September 1 annual fee payment date.

The Air Division also handles the collection of emissions information from fee-subject sources and provides this fee-assessment information to the MDEQ Office of Administrative Services which handles fee billing and collection. (See Guide to Completing and Submitting the Annual Reporting Form for information on emissions reporting requirements.)

Title V Documents and Resources

For more information on the setting of the annual Title V fee or on reporting actual emissions for purposes of fee assessment contact Laura James at 601-961-5675.

For more information on fee invoicing and payment or to inquire about a specific source’s Title V fee contact Laura James at 601-961-5675.