Asbestos Management in School Buildings

The Mississippi Department of Education is the designated agency for asbestos in schools. MDEQ operates in a support role to that agency providing information and assistance and performing inspections. MDEQ also operates an Asbestos Accreditation and Certification program to ensure training and qualification of individuals who engage in asbestos identification and abatement activities. These individuals are required to be certified by MDEQ.

MDEQ Activities:
  • Performs inspections,
  • Reports any deficiencies to the EPA since that agency has the enforcement responsibility of the regulations, and
  • Provides outreach and regulation assistance to schools and others.

Asbestos Management in Schools
EPA regulations to protect school children and employees from exposure to asbestos in schools are known as AHERA regulations. These regulations are described at this EPA web page.

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Asbestos Accreditation and Certification


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