Emergency Response Division

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The MDEQ Emergency Response Division responds, as needed, to any incident involving hazardous materials, oil spills or any pollutant that poses a threat or potential threat to human health and safety or the environment. The Emergency Response Division minimizes the impacts to the environment and public health from chemical spills and other environmental emergencies. MDEQ, as appointed by the Governor, is the State Natural Resource Trustee, the voice of Mississippi citizens for the protection of the state’s natural resources.

Reporting Spills

Report any spill to the 24-hour State Warning Point at the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency 1-800-222-6362. Spills of any pollutant, not just hazardous materials, that may affect state waters, land, air or public health must be reported.

Emergency Response Division Calls

Drugs, Mold, Natural Disasters, Terrorism, Spills, Mercury

What To Do If You Suspect, Witness Or Are The Victim Of A Terrorist Act

First contact local authorities, or the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) and the proper authorities will be notified. If what is witnessed is a biological incident call MEMA and/or State Health. If it’s a terrorist incident, call the local authorities first, who are often the closest and can respond the fastest.

  • Frequently Asked Emergency Response Questions, click here.
Public Notice

Proposed Pollution Emergency Response Regulations

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