Mississippi Trustee Implementation Group Welcomes Public Submission of Project Ideas

The Mississippi Trustee Implementation Group is beginning the process of restoration planning for the 2018-2019 planning years and would like your input regarding natural resource restoration project ideas in Mississippi. Information about the restoration types we are considering, as well as the Oil Pollution Act criteria against which project ideas will be evaluated, can be found in the Trustees’ Programmatic Restoration Plan.

Restoration Plan II
Leading off our next years’ planning efforts we will be working on Restoration Plan II. We intend to focus on, and would like to receive your project ideas for, these restoration types:
Submit Your Project Ideas

We encourage community members and other stakeholders to submit new restoration project ideas or make revisions to previously submitted project ideas via two project submission portals:

We will consider new, revised, and previously submitted project ideas relative to the specific restoration types above that are submitted by August 10 for the upcoming Restoration Plan II.

Project ideas submitted after the deadline, along with previously submitted and unselected project ideas, will be considered in future restoration planning.

In issuing this notice on behalf of the Mississippi Trustee Implementation Group, we are providing the range of potential restoration types that we intend to focus on for 2018-2019 planning years.

Thank you for your engagement in this process. We look forward to considering your restoration project ideas.