The Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality, in partnership with the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians Office of Environmental Protection (MBCI OEP), is pleased to announce the availability of the state’s Clean Air Mississippi Project Priority Climate Action Plan (PCAP) at Clean Air Mississippi Project.

 Developed with input from participating stakeholders as well as Mississippi and Tribal residents, the PCAP prioritizes existing and new projects aimed at reducing the emission of air pollutants, including greenhouse gases, and enhancing greenhouse gas sinks.  It also creates opportunities for gaining access to almost $5 billion in competitive grant funding for addressing existing and new air improvement and emission reduction projects.

“MDEQ is excited to have completed the PCAP initiative, which creates a pathway to cleaner air and lower energy costs for all,” said MDEQ Executive Director Chris Wells.  “I encourage everyone to visit Clean Air Mississippi Project to review the PCAP and to remain engaged as we begin preparations now for the next phase of the Clean Air Mississippi Project, known as the Comprehensive Climate Action Plan (CCAP).”

The CCAP, which expands on previous CAMP work, will provide strategies and identify measures for achieving the clean air goals and priorities identified within the PCAP.  For more information, visit Clean Air Mississippi Project.

Send comments and/or questions to or call MDEQ’s Air Division at 601.961.5171.